Macmiror complex vaginal suppositories 200,000 IU + 500 mg, 8 pcs

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Product Description


Active ingredients:

nifuratel 500 mg;

nystatin 200,000 IU;


 dimethylpolysiloxane AK1000 (dimethicone); 

Capsule composition:


glycerin (glycerol);

sodium ethyl parahydroxybenzoate;

sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate;

titanium dioxide;

iron oxide yellow;

pharmachologic effect

Macmiror complex 500 is an antimicrobial drug for topical use. It has antiprotozoal, antifungal and antibacterial effects.

Nifuratel, a nitrofuran derivative. It is highly active against a number of bacteria, fungi and protozoa (including Trichomonas vaginalis).

Nystatin is an antifungal antibiotic of the polyene group. By binding to sterols in the cell membrane of fungi, it disrupts its permeability, which leads to cell death. It is highly active against fungi of the genus Candida albicans.

The combination of nifuratel and nystatin allows you to achieve a more pronounced antifungal effect and significantly expand the spectrum of antimicrobial action.

The high efficiency and low toxicity of the components of the drug determine a wide range of its clinical use in the treatment of vaginitis of mixed etiology, in particular, its use for the prevention of mycoses caused by the specific treatment of trichomoniasis.

Macmiror complex does not violate the physiological flora, which allows you to avoid the development of dysbiosis and quickly restore the normocenosis of the vagina.


Complex therapy of vulvovaginal infections caused by pathogens sensitive to the drug: bacteria, Trichomonas, Candida fungi and chlamydia.


Hypersensitivity to one of the active ingredients or any auxiliary ingredient of the drug.

Side effects

In rare cases, allergic reactions such as skin rash or itching are possible.

How to take, course of administration and dosage

Intravaginally, before going to bed - for 8 days, 1 suppository or 2.5 g of cream 1-2 times a day (using the applicator). If necessary, repeat treatment after menstruation.

To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, the suppository should be inserted into the upper part of the vagina.

Suppositories are not used for treatment in childhood; it is recommended to use vaginal cream complete with an applicator (graduated syringe).

Special instructions

It is necessary to carry out simultaneous treatment of the sexual partner due to the danger of re-infection. During the period of drug treatment, sexual intercourse should be avoided.

How to use the graduated applicator: screw the graduated applicator onto the tube of cream. Dial the required amount of cream (in accordance with the scale lines indicating the amount in grams) by pressing on the tube. Disconnect from the tube, insert into the vagina, squeeze out the contents by pressing on the rod.

The presence of a special nozzle allows you to inject the cream without damaging the hymen. To do this, it is necessary to remove the cannula from the upper part of the rod and screw it onto the syringe head from the opposite side, before inserting the cream into the vagina.

Release form

vaginal suppositories

Storage conditions

In a dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C

Shelf life

3 years

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