Ci Klim Alanin

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Product Description

Active substances:

Dry tsimitsifugi extract 

Pharmachologic effect
TsI-KLIM - anti-climacteric agent of plant origin (phytoestrogens tsimitsifugi).

The affordable analogue of imported drugs helps to slow down skin aging, smooth out or completely eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, sweating, heart palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, etc.).

Effect of application:

improves the quality of life of women in menopause;
helps to eliminate visible signs of “wilting” of the skin: sagging, dry;
Helps to smooth out the vegetovascular manifestations of menopause (hot flashes, palpitations, sweating);
helps to eliminate psycho-emotional disorders: tearfulness, irritability, anxiety.


Phytoestrogens tsimitsifugi - a safe and effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

They have a unique mechanism of action, different from other phytoestrogens.

They do not bind to estrogen receptors, therefore they are not able to increase the risk of developing female estrogen-dependent oncological diseases (uterine cancer, breast cancer).

At the same time, like other phytoestrogens, they contribute to the effective elimination of manifestations of estrogen deficiency and menopausal syndrome.

Vegetovascular and psychoemotional disorders during pre-, meno- and postmenopause (hot flashes, excessive sweating, sleep disturbance, increased nervous irritability, mood changes, apathy, etc.).

Disorders associated with decreased estrogen levels during menopause.

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, estrogen-dependent tumors.

With caution: impaired liver function, epilepsy, disease and brain injury (use is possible only after consulting a doctor).

Side effects
Allergic reactions to the components of the drug are possible.

In rare cases, pain in the epigastric region and an increase in body weight are possible.

How to take, course of administration and dosage
Inside, 1 tablet (without chewing, with a small amount of liquid) 2 times a day, if possible, at the same time (morning and evening).

The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Inside, 30 drops 2 times a day at the same time of the day (morning and evening).

The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Symptoms: in case of accidental use of the drug in doses significantly higher than recommended, dyspepsia, gastralgia, and liver dysfunction can be observed.

Treatment: symptomatic. Due to the possibility of overdose, it is not recommended to take with other drugs containing tsimitsifugi extract.

Special instructions
Without medical advice, the drug should not be taken for more than 3 months.

If you change the nature of the menstrual cycle, as well as with prolonged or other newly arising complaints, you must turn to the enemy.

When pregnancy occurs, you must stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms requiring increased concentration of attention

The drug in recommended doses does not affect the ability to drive a car and work with cars

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