Clotrimazole 100mg 6 pills

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Product Description

1 vaginal tablet contains:

active substance:

clotrimazole 100 mg


potato starch,

adipic acid
sodium bicarbonate,

magnesium stearate,
silica colloidal
sodium lauryl sulfate.

Pharmachologic effect
Clotrimazole is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent for topical application. The antimycotic effect of the active active ingredient (imidazole derivative) is associated with impaired synthesis of ergosterol, which is part of the cell membrane of fungi, which changes the membrane permeability and causes subsequent cell lysis.
It acts fungistatically in small concentrations, and fungicidal in large concentrations, and not only on proliferating cells. In fungicidal concentrations, it interacts with mitochondrial and peroxidase enzymes, resulting in an increase in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide to a toxic level, which also contributes to the destruction of fungal cells.
Effective against dermatophytes, yeast-like and mold fungi, as well as the causative agent of multi-colored lichen Pityriasis versicolor (Malazessia furfur) and the pathogen of erythrasma. It has an antimicrobial effect against gram-positive (staphylococci, streptococci) and gram-negative bacteria (Bacteroides, Gardiierella vaginalis), as well as against Trichomonas vaginalis.


When using clotrimazole a, intravaginal absorption is 3-10% of the administered dose. High concentrations in vaginal secretions and low concentrations in the blood persist for 48-72 hours. The liver is rapidly metabolized to inactive metabolites.

genital infections caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida and / or Trichomonas vaginalis (candida vulvovaginitis, trichomoniasis);
genital superinfection caused by microorganisms sensitive to clotrimazole;
rehabilitation of the birth canal before childbirth.

Pregnancy and lactation
It should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy (adequate and strictly controlled studies have not been conducted).
With intravaginal use in women in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy, an adverse effect on the fetus was not detected, however, the use of a vaginal applicator is undesirable.

With caution - during breastfeeding (it is not known whether clotrimazole passes into breast milk).

Hypersensitivity to clotrimazole or excipients in the first trimester of pregnancy. The use of tablets during menstruation should be avoided.

With caution - lactation.

Side effects
Itching, burning and swelling of the vaginal mucosa, vaginal discharge, headache, gastralgia, frequent urination, intercurrent cystitis, burning sensation in the penis of the sexual partner, pain during intercourse.

With vaginal administration, clotrimazole reduces the activity of amphotericin B and other polyene antibiotics.
With simultaneous use with nystatin, the activity of clotrimazole may decrease.

How to take, course of administration and dosage
For intravaginal use only.
Vaginal tablets are administered in the evening into the vagina, as deep as possible, lying on the back with slightly bent legs, daily for 6 days, 1 vaginal tablet of 100 mg.

A second course of treatment is possible after consulting a doctor. For the rehabilitation of the birth canal, a single administration of one tablet is recommended.

The use of the drug in high doses does not cause any reactions and conditions that are life-threatening.

In case of unintended use of the drug (inside), the following symptoms are possible: anorexia, nausea, vomiting, gastralgia, impaired liver function; rarely - drowsiness, hallucinations, pollakiuria, skin allergic reactions.

There is no specific antidote. Activated carbon must be prescribed inside. If necessary, symptomatic treatment.

Special instructions
To prevent urogenital reinfection, simultaneous treatment of sexual partners is necessary.

In case of trichomoniasis, for the more successful treatment together with clotrimazole, other drugs with a systemic effect (for example, metronidazole inside) should be used.

With simultaneous infection of the labia and adjacent areas (candidiasis vulvitis), local treatment with clotrimazole cream should be additionally carried out.

During pregnancy, treatment with vaginal tablets should be carried out without an applicator.

In patients with liver failure, the functional state of the liver should be periodically monitored.

When signs of hypersensitivity or irritation appear, treatment is discontinued. If there is no effect within 4 weeks, the diagnosis should be confirmed.

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