Endoluten - pineal gland peptide (60 capsules)

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Endoluten is one of the world's first peptide-based geroprotective drugs. 

It has a targeted effect on the cells of the neuroendocrine system. Its effectiveness has been proven in the prevention of premature aging, normalization of biological rhythms, restoration of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Improves brain function. 

Not being a hormonal drug, it stimulates the body to produce its own hormones. Promotes protein synthesis in pineal cells and melatonin secretion. Improves metabolism in cells and tissues of all organs in the human body. 

By regulating the level of hormones, it has an anti-aging effect and slows down the aging process. Softens or pauses the manifestations of menopause. 

Corrects the functions of the pancreas and improves carbohydrate metabolism. Influences bone mineral density, due to which the restoration of joints and bones occurs. 

Endoluten has a positive effect on the production of sex hormones and is recommended for the complex treatment of infertility. Increases the cellular resource of the body by 40%. 

Pineal gland peptides

Contains pineal gland peptides - natural bioregulators obtained from the pineal gland (pineal gland) of young calves, in strict accordance with all safety standards and the highest requirements of the technological process. 

The pineal gland is the most important gland of our body, the so-called biological clock, and Endoluten is a natural bioregulator of the pineal gland, which gives the most striking effect - the production of its own melatonin, as well as the normalization of the entire neuroendocrine system. 

Recommended for: 


  • Hormonal disorders 

  • Climax, 

  • Decreased intelligence and memory 

  • Violation of the biological clock, insomnia, 

  • Infertility 

  • Disorders of the genitourinary system,

  • Prevention of tumors,

  • Support for cancer patients after radiation and chemotherapy. 

  • Aging prevention.


Numerous clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Endoluten. You can read about the clinical studies of Endoluten here

Instructions for use: 

1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. 

Natural origin Endoluten has no toxic effect on the body. It has no side effects, does not cause complications and drug dependence. Due to its mild effect on the body, it does not cause complications on the liver and kidneys.

On our website you can read Endoluten reviews. 

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