Ingavirin, 90 mg, 7 pcs.

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Product Description


One capsule contains:

active substance: imidazolylethanamide pentanedioic acid (vitaglutam) in terms of 100% substance - 90.00 mg;

excipients: lactose monohydrate, potato starch, colloidal silicon dioxide (aerosil), magnesium stearate;

hard gelatin capsules: titanium dioxide E 171, crimson dye [Ponso 4 R] E 124, azorubine dye E 122, quinoline yellow dye E 104, gelatin;

logo ink composition: shellac, propylene glycol E 1520, titanium dioxide E 171.

pharmachologic effect

Antiviral. Anti-inflammatory agent.

Farm action :

 Ingavirin is an antiviral drug. It is active against influenza viruses of type A (A / H1N1, including “swine” A / H1N1 swl, A / H3N2, A / H5N1) and type B, adenovirus infection, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial infection.

The antiviral mechanism of action is associated with suppression of virus reproduction at the stage of the nuclear phase, and a delay in the migration of newly synthesized NP virus from the cytoplasm into the nucleus.

It has a modulating effect on the functional activity of the interferon system: it causes an increase in the interferon content in the blood to a physiological norm, stimulates and normalizes the decreased α-interferon-producing ability of blood leukocytes, and stimulates the γ-interferon-producing ability of leukocytes.

It causes the generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes and increases the content of NK-T cells with high killer activity against virus-transformed cells and pronounced antiviral activity.,

The anti-inflammatory effect is due to the suppression of the production of key pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNFα, IL-1β and IL-6), a decrease in the activity of myeloperoxidase.

Therapeutic efficacy in influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections (SARS) is manifested in shortening the fever period, reducing intoxication (headache, weakness, dizziness), catarrhal phenomena, reducing the number of complications and the duration of the disease.


Suction and distribution. When using Ingavirin in recommended doses, the determination of the drug in blood plasma by available methods is not possible. In experimental studies using a radioactive label, it was found that the drug quickly enters the blood from the digestive tract and is evenly distributed throughout the internal organs.

Cmax in blood, plasma and most organs is reached 30 minutes after drug administration. The AUC values ​​of the kidneys, liver, and lungs are slightly higher than the blood AUCs (43.77 μg × h / g). The AUC values ​​of the spleen, adrenal gland, lymph nodes and thymus are lower than the blood AUC. The average retention time of the drug in the blood is 37.2 hours.

With a 5-day course of oral administration of the drug 1 time / day, it accumulates in the internal organs and tissues. Moreover, the qualitative characteristics of the pharmacokinetic curves after each administration of the drug were identical: a rapid increase in the concentration of the drug after each administration and then a slow decrease by 24 hours.

Metabolism and excretion. It is not metabolized in the body and excreted unchanged. The main process of excretion occurs within 24 hours. During this time, 80% of the dose is excreted. During the first 5 hours, 34.8% is excreted, in the following hours - 45.2%. Of these, 77% is excreted in feces, 23% in urine.


Treatment of influenza A and B and other acute respiratory viral infections (adenovirus infection, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial infection).

Pregnancy and lactation

The use of the drug during pregnancy has not been studied. The use of the drug during lactation has not been studied, therefore, if necessary, the use of the drug during lactation should stop breastfeeding.


Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, simultaneous administration with other antiviral drugs, children's age (up to 18 years).

Side effects

Allergic reactions (rare).


If any of the side effects indicated in the instructions are aggravated or you notice any other side effects not listed in the instructions, inform your doctor.


The drug interaction of the drug Ingavirin ® is  not described.

How to take, course of administration and dosage

Inside. Regardless of the meal.

In children from 3 to 6 years old who have difficulty swallowing the capsule, it is allowed to dilute the contents of the capsule in water or apple juice. To do this, gently open the capsule above the container with a small amount (50-70 ml) of boiled water or apple juice at room temperature, pour the contents of the capsule into water or juice, mix the mixture for 20 seconds and drink it whole. Sugar added. The mixture should be prepared immediately before administration; ready mix is ​​not subject to storage.

For the treatment and prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, adults are prescribed 90 mg once a day, children from 7 years old - 60 mg once a day, children from 3 to 6 years old - 30 mg once a day.

The duration of treatment for influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in adults and children from 7 years old is 5-7 days (depending on the severity of the condition). The duration of treatment for influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in children from 3 to 6 years is 5 days. The drug is taken from the moment the first symptoms of the disease appear, preferably not later than 2 days from the onset of the disease.

Adults and children with severe symptoms, as well as in the presence of concomitant diseases (diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, diabetes mellitus, obesity) should take a double dose of the drug in the first three days of the disease, then continue taking it in the usual dosage for 2-4 days .

For the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections after contact with sick people, adults and children from 7 years of age are prescribed the drug for 7 days, children from 3 to 6 years old - for 5 days.

If after 5 days of treatment no improvement occurs or the symptoms worsen, or new symptoms appear, you should consult your doctor. Use the drug only according to the indications, the method of use and at the doses indicated in the instructions.


Cases of overdose of the drug Ingavirin ® to date have not been reported.


Capsules No. 2 or No. 4 of blue color (for a dosage of 30 mg), capsules No. 2 or No. 3 of red color (for a dosage of 90 mg). A white logo in the form of a ring and the letter AND inside the ring is applied to the capsule lid.

The contents of the capsules are granules and powder of white or almost white color; allowed the formation of conglomerates, easily crumbling with light pressure.

Special instructions

The simultaneous use of other antiviral drugs is not recommended without first consulting a doctor.

Keep the instructions. She may be needed again. If you have any questions, consult your doctor. 

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles, mechanisms

It has not been studied, however, given the mechanism of action and the profile of adverse reactions, it can be assumed that the drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles, mechanisms.

Release form

Capsules 90 mg.

On 7 or 10 capsules in a blister strip packaging or in a blister strip packaging with perforation from a film of polyvinyl chloride and a printed aluminum foil varnished.

1 contour pack (for a dosage of 90 mg), together with instructions for use, is placed in a pack.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C

Shelf life

3 years


Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package.

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