Lycoprofit, 30 pcs.

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Product Description



hard gelatin capsules with a white body and a green lid, containing powder from white-beige to yellow-brown in color crumbly or compressed into a cylinder with sparks, conglomerates (lumps) are allowed. Odor of capsule content: specific to the raw materials used.

The content of active substances in 1 capsule :

Component Name


% of consumption norms

Sabal Palm Fruit Extract

160 mg


Horsetail herb extract

20 mg


Vitamin D3

3.75 mcg

75% *

Vitamin E

30 mg

300% *

Vitamin C

60 mg

one hundred%*

Zinc (as citrate)

15 mg

one hundred%*

Chromium (as Asparaginate)

50 mcg

one hundred%**


70 mcg

one hundred%*


2.5 mg


* -% of the recommended daily intake level. ** -% of the adequate level of consumption.

Vitamin E does not exceed the upper allowable intake.


gelatin capsule (gelatin; dyes E171; E104; E133);


microcrystalline cellulose;

anti-caking agents:

amorphous silicon dioxide,

magnesium stearate. 

pharmachologic effect

LIKOPROFIT is an additional source of vitamins E, C, D3, antioxidant lycopene and minerals: chromium, zinc and selenium, and also contains a standardized extract of palm fruit Sabal (fatty acid content of at least 25%) and a standardized extract of horsetail grass (content tannins in terms of tannin at least 5%). Lycopene

Karotinovd with powerful antioxidant properties. Lycopene selectively accumulates in the tissues of the prostate and protects cells from damage by free radicals, reduces the activity of inflammatory and autoimmune processes in the tissues of the prostate, prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and controls the excessive reproduction of prostate cells.

Lycopene improves sperm quality by increasing the number of normal active forms of sperm. A filed of scientific studies of lycopene reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. Sabal Palm Fruit Extract

It contains fatty acids that block 5-alpha reductase, which inhibits the proliferation of prostate tissue. It has anti-inflammatory and decongestant action, which leads to a decrease in the frequency of nightly urination to urinate, a decrease in the volume of residual urine. Horsetail Extract

The biologically active substances contained in the extract of horsetail have a cardiotonic and restorative effect, have anti-inflammatory properties and a diuretic effect: it helps to remove excess fluid from the body, while there is no effect on the salt balance of the body. Thus, there is an improvement in all metabolic processes, edema is significantly reduced. Vitamin E

It has a pronounced antioxidant activity, neutralizes the effect of free radicals. Beneficial effect on the sexual function of men. Helps improve sperm motility. Vitamin C

Increases the body's resistance to infections, reduces the severity of inflammatory reactions, supports the enzyme system of antioxidant protection. Vitamin D3

It prevents the development of muscle weakness, participates in the regulation of heart contractions, enhances immunity, and inhibits the excessive growth of prostate cells. Chromium

A vital trace element that is a constant component of the cells of all organs and tissues. Prevention of reproductive dysfunction in men.




Antioxidant necessary for the normal functioning of the prostate. Deficiency can lead to infertility, chronic

fatigue and aspermia.


It plays an important role in the antimicrobial activity of prostate secretion. An additional intake of zinc reduces the severity of the inflammatory reaction, and, accordingly, prostatic symptoms.

Trace elements are part of the drug in the form of organic compounds (chelate complexes), which improves their absorption.

Positive effect on body functions:

Improves the functional state of the genitourinary system in men, helps maintain the function of the prostate gland.

Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) The most common urological disease in men aged 20-50 years. Patients with prostatitis suffer, first of all, from pains of various intensities and urination disorders (dysuria). Prostatitis affects 40% of men under 40, and with age, the number of cases continues to increase. The risk of prostatitis is increased by factors such as:

• Hypothermia,

• Sedentary lifestyle,

• Long-term sexual abstinence,

• The presence of foci of infection (eg, colitis, chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis),

• transferred venereal and urological diseases,

• Any other conditions that contribute to a decrease in immunity (physical strain and stress, unbalanced nutrition, overwork, etc.).

Prostate adenoma (benign prostatic hyperplasia) Represents the proliferation of cells of the glandular tissue of the prostate. According to statistics, this disease occurs today in 10-20% of men already at the age of 40, and with age, the number of patients increases by an average of 10% every 10 years. The main symptoms of prostate adenoma are impaired urination. One of the central mechanisms for the development of adenoma is the enlargement of the prostate gland by the influence of dihydrotestosterone, which is formed in tissues from testosterone. However, modern ideas about the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia allow us to conclude that the pathogenesis of this disease is multifactorial. For this reason, the most effective method of its treatment and prevention is the use of a multicomponent product,

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma significantly reduce the quality of life of a man, because accompanied by pain and impaired urination, and can also lead to serious complications, including impotence and infertility. According to studies, 65% of men who seek medical help for infertility have a history of prostatitis. LIKOPROFIT successfully passed clinical trials in many leading clinics in Russia: in the Ural State Medical Academy, Kazan State Medical University, Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Central Health Unit N 122 (St. Petersburg), City Clinical Urological Hospital No. 47 ( Moscow).


The components that make up LIKOPROFIT have the following effects:

• Against the background of standard therapy, they effectively affect the main symptoms of chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

• Improve urination: reduce the frequency of urination and increase the flow of urine.

• Increase the effectiveness of treatment of chronic prostatitis.

• Improve well-being and have a general strengthening effect in patients with chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Individual intolerance to product components.

How to take, course of administration and dosage

Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals.

Duration of admission is 1 month.

Special instructions

Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Release form


30 capsules of 500 mg ± 10% in blisters and a pack of cardboard.

Storage conditions

In a dry place, protected from direct sunlight and inaccessible to children, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. 

Shelf life

2 years.

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