Mizol, 30 g

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Product Description


  • Water,
  • vegetable glycerin,
  • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose,
  • tea tree essential oil,
  • naftifine hydrochloride,
  • euxil K300,
  • ethanol,
  • triethanolamine.

Active ingredients

Naftifine - an antifungal drug from the group of allylamines, has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes the rapid disappearance of symptoms of inflammation, especially itching.

Tea tree oil - has pronounced antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Due to the presence of a rare ingredient - viridoflorene (even such bactericidal plants as eucalyptus and rosemary do not have it), the antiseptic effect of tea tree oil is 12 times higher than that of phenol, and 8 times higher than that of carboxylic acid. 

In addition, it eliminates the side effects of naftifine, such as dryness, redness, etc.

Ethyl alcohol is a solvent and antiseptic, a preservative, drying and cooling additive that ensures the transport of active compounds into the skin, accelerates the drying of the gel on the surface of the skin or nail plate with the formation of a non-sticky film.

Recommendations for use

The gel is applied to clean, dry nails and the skin around them (on damaged areas) with a thin layer on the entire surface of the nail once a day, after application, dry the nail for 1-2 minutes.

Duration of use is from 2 to 8 weeks. In case of hypersensitivity and an allergic reaction, stop using the gel. Avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth.


Why choose the anti-fungal gel "Mizol" Evalar?

Like other antifungal agents, "Mizol" contains a 1% solution of naftifine, but differs in its enhanced composition.

As you know, fungal diseases are widespread among humans. Their reason is the reproduction of specific fungi in the body, which most often manifest themselves on the skin of the feet and nails. Infection with fungal diseases can occur from contact with an already sick person. 

Often, household items are the cause. Most often, people who visit baths, manicure rooms, gyms, saunas get sick. At risk are athletes, visitors to open beaches, people who wear heavy shoes for a long time, and are distinguished by sweating. Other causes may be abnormal skin pH levels and not thoroughly drying the feet after swimming or exercise, and decreased immunity.

MIZOL gel, thanks to the optimally selected composition: - is used as a cosmetic for the care of nails and skin in case of fungal infections, - promotes the restoration of nails and skin, the disappearance of itching and burning, - protects against fungal infection.

Shelf life

2 years.

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