Prepidil intracervical gel 0.5mg / 3g syringe with catheter, 1 pc.

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Product Description


Active substances :

dinoprostone 0.5 mg;

colloidal silicon dioxide;


pharmachologic effect

Prepidil - stimulating labor.

Stimulates smooth muscles, modulates the reaction of internal organs to various hormonal effects.

Increases blood supply to the cervix, contributes to its softening and opening.


After endocervical injection of the gel, C max is  reached after 30–45 min, and then rapidly decreases.


Preparation of the cervix for childbirth.

Pregnancy and lactation

Any dose of the drug that causes a prolonged increase in uterine tone poses a certain risk to the embryo or fetus.

In experimental animal studies, prostaglandin E 2 causes an increase in skeletal abnormalities in rats and rabbits; embryotoxicity of dinoprostone in rats and rabbits has also been identified.

Prostaglandins are excreted in breast milk in very small quantities, regardless of the duration of delivery.


Hypersensitivity, the presence of anamnestic information about cesarean section, extensive surgical interventions on the uterus, difficult and / or traumatic births, 6 or more full-term pregnancies, mismatch of the size of the pelvis of the mother and head of the fetus, abnormal position of the fetus, previous distress of the fetus, opening of the fetal bladder, spotting during pregnancy from the genital tract of unspecified etiology, infection of the lower genital tract.

Side effects

Abnormal contractions of the uterus, vomiting and / or diarrhea, changes in fetal heart rate, fetal distress, reduced status of the newborn (Apgar score below 7).


Enhances the toxotropic activity of oxytocin.

How to take, course of administration and dosage

The contents of the syringe (3 g of gel corresponds to 0.5 mg of dinoprostone) using the attached catheter is injected into the cervical canal (below the level of the internal pharynx). After the procedure, you must lie on your back for 10-15 minutes to minimize leakage of the gel.

If the desired result from the use of Prepidil is achieved, the recommended interval to the administration of iv iv oxytocin is 6-12 hours. If the response to the initial dose of Prepidil is not achieved, you can re-assign it. The recommended repeated dose is 0.5 mg, and the interval from the previous administration is 6 hours.

The need for an additional appointment and the interval should be determined by the doctor, based on the clinical situation. The maximum recommended dose for a 24-hour period is 1.5 mg.


Treatment: symptomatic, in / in the introduction of beta-adrenergic agonists or rapid delivery.

Special instructions

Avoid introducing the gel into the extra-amniotic space (possible uterine hyperstimulation).

Release form

Endocervical Gel

Storage conditions

At a temperature of 2–8 ° C.

Shelf life

2 years

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